What is Google+ ?

Thank you for joining us for Google+ Tuesdays! This is our first post over the next several weeks focusing on Google+: What it is and Why you should be using it. First we really need to ask, “What is it?” I am not a G+ guru and it is one of the social media outlets I’ve used the least. I am beginning to realize that this social media platform is gaining in popularity and from the word in the blogosphere, I can no longer poo poo Google+.

Excerpt from What is Google+? (And Why Solution Providers Should Use It), By Kristen Curtiss

First things first…what IS Google+?

According to Google, the idea is to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life. Essentially, the user experience is similar to that of Facebook (a news feed based on status updates and shared content, recommended friends, etc.), but the idea here is to make it easier to share content with specific sets of people (called Circles) instead of just publishing content on your wall for everyone to see.

Here are three ways Google+ can benefit you and your clients.

1. SEO benefits. The first, and in my eyes most important, is Google loves…well Google! This means there are great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) opportunities for your business. By sharing pages from your website on your Google+ page, you are helping your business rank higher in the Google Search Engine. This gives you a much better chance of getting in front of your target audience!

2. Easier to reach influencers. One of the other great things about Google+ is how new it is. This allows you to take your time, figure out what you like about it and grow slowly. There are many influencers already on Google+, and with a smaller audience to reach out too, you can begin to build relationships with these influencers!

3. Share more efficiently. A benefit that can be very important, if/when your clients and prospective clients are using Google+, is the ability to target your content more easily and more effeciently than other social networks. Using Google+’s circles, you can place followers into categories, similar to email lists. This allows you to send your piece of content to your entire audience or specific circles of your choosing.