5 Easy Tips for Website Maintenence

With 90% of consumers going to the internet first to research real estate (realtor.org), your website is the first impression you are going to make. And we all know what they say… “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Nothing is a bigger annoyance than going to a website to find a plethora of unfriendly issues. So, when I  come across a website that is user unfriendly I leave and go look elsewhere. I often go do DeDe Watson for advice and insight into social media marketing. She is so very knowledgeable and makes social media very accessible for those who don’t think they have the time for it. I was of course on her site turnitsocial.com and saw this post from DeDe and I absolutely had to share it! Your website is not a “set it and forget it” type of media. It requires some attention and monitoring. But not to worry! DeDe Watson has some wonderful and easy tips on how to maintain your website to make that stellar first impression!

5 Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Website

from turnitsocial.com October 11, 2012 By Dede Watson

Building a website can be very time consuming and financially draining. So, you want to be sure that you have carefully thought out both what you are trying to convey on your site and that it is user friendly!

Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Website

1. No clear message as to who or what you are from visiting your home page. I cannot even tell you how many sites that I have visited where there is no visible clue as to what a company offers. You have perhaps 5-10 seconds to gain someone’s attention. You might have an amazing company, but if there is no visible benefit for the viewer, your opportunity will be missed!

2. There is no homepage link or it is broken. Be sure that you have a visible homepage link. The best advice is that it says “home.” If someone begins browsing through your site and wants to go back to your homepage, it must be easily accessible for them to return. Also, make sure that it works!!

3. Make sure that your site works on multiple browsers and MOBILE!!! Your site must be easily viewed on mobile networks as a significant percentage of your viewers will be checking your site from their cell phones.

4. Too much flash is not your friend! Flash can be an exciting feature to add to your website but, it is not seo friendly, can slow down your website and can actually detract from people viewing your website. A little is okay but don’t make your homepage all flash and no content!

5. Don’t allow your website go stale. This can happen when businesses are not web savvy or have very little interest in their website maintenance. Sometimes, products no longer exist, contact information changes, links are not working or worse yet, a website can go down! Even if your website does not require constant updating, it is important to check in frequently to make sure everything is up to date and working properly.

I hope that these tips will help you to keep your website running smoothly!!


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