5 Blogging Tips for 2013

from turnitsocial.com, January 4, 2013 By Fred Felton

Here are 5 Blogging tips to get you started for 2013:

1. Make sure you change your copyright to 2013

When you start out this year the first thing to do is to change your copyright to 2013. This protects you and your work for the year ahead so that nobody can copy your work.

2. A picture is worth a thousand tweets

Yes it is true what they say, a picture is worth more. So make sure you include interesting and relevant pictures in your blog. If they are interesting they may just be picked up by the news media and shown in newspapers or even on Television and that is priceless. They may even find their way onto social networks and before you know it you will be famous.

3. Make sure you have an editorial calendar for the year ahead

If you are serious about your blog then invest in an editorial calendar and schedule what you will be writing about for the year ahead. Therefore you will have plenty to write about and not have to worry about what your next topic will be.

4. Take a new look at your blog

What do I mean by that? Well take a look at your blog. Does it look tired or does it load slowly. Are there too many meaningless items on it? Well if there are then it is time to trim the fat. Cut out all items that are too old or serve no benefit. You will be left with a blog that loads fast and looks great.

5. What do you blog about?

It is important to find your niche. So whether it is cars or movies or social media, find something you are passionate about. Become the expert in that niche and soon people will be contacting you asking for help.

Also remember to share your blog on all the social media networks.

Happy Blogging!

About Author

Fred Felton is a keynote speaker, social media consultant, author business analyst and website designer. Fred is also owner of Falcon’s Cove a digital media agency based in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa. You can also find Fred on Twitter and Facebook.


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