Checklist For Your Facebook Page

How to Evaluate Your Facebook Page [CHECKLIST]musthavechecklist

From Posted on December 10th, by Chelsea in Facebook Tips, Social Media Tips.

Have you ever wondered if what you’re doing on Facebook is right or not? Here’s a simple checklist to properly evaluate your Facebook Page and see if you’re on the right track.

Facebook Page Checklist:

“About” section: is your website URL the first thing listed?
Additional “About” section: Are you providing links to your company’s other social channels, like your Twitter account and blog?
Cover photo: is it well-designed and does it meet Facebook’s Guidelines?
Profile photo: does it clearly reflect your brand?
App thumbnails: are the three most important apps featured as “favorite” apps, and do the app thumbnails include a call to action or have a promising label?
“Talking about this number”: Divide your “Talking about this number” by your Page’s total number of Likes. This will calculate your Page’s engagement from the past seven days. Average Page engagement is two percent. If you’re below two percent, your content strategy needs to be adjusted…. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE.


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